A world

with one empowered girl child, woman, senior citizen contributes to the future development of a household, a community and a nation!

Let's End

Early Child Marriage in Uganda

40% of young rural girls in Uganda are married off before their 18th birthday; Early child marriage means these young girls become inexperienced mothers, prone to HIV/AIDS, sexual and child abuse and will have little or no education


4 a better world

A good standard of living for everyone is a crucial aspect in making the world a better place.


Equiping communities for sustainable growth.


No poverty, zero hunger, quality education.

Welcome to PIOTU

We use our skills like in Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, Computer skills, Literacy to help young women, children and seniors effectively participate in the socio-economic development of our communities and country. PASS IT ON TRUST UGANDA is inspired by the notion that ‘a world with one empowered girl child, woman, senior contributes to the future development of a household, a community and a nation!


Upcoming Programs

Shopping for kids

Shopping various items to provide to the children in need in forms such as clothes and scholastic items

Visiting schools

Visiting the schools we are engaged with to follow up on their wellbeing and offer help where necessary. The children are always joyful and happy to see us at these visits every quarter of the year.

Evelyn Program

This program was founded by Jean Inness our board of Trustee in remberance of her lovely mother Evelyn Clunie, the program aims at providing young girls with simple vocational skills who don’t have the opportunity to go on with their studies which they can use in their day to day lives to support themselves and their families


In good times and bad, we know that people give because you meet needs, not because you have needs. Yearly, we continuously carry out fundraising activities to meet their needs.

Training Centre

Over the years that pass it on trust Uganda has been functional; our trainings have been hosted by the two community schools that we support. There has been need for a one stop centre where the young women and seniors can receive different entrepreneurial trainings and share different skills; this training space will be known as Centreprise.

Our Causes


There’s a growing need to support and sponsor children education in schools as most of them can’t afford to pay their school fees. We are currently supporting 58 children in Wakiso and Soroti.

Feeding Programs

PIOTU through individual support in addition to sponsorship has managed to support the sponsored children through feeding programs throughout the years since 2015. Every child deserves a meal at school.


Most of what PIOTU can do is the result of donated money being put to work wisely. All projects were all started with funding from PIOTU which was sourced by fundraising in both Uganda and Scotland.

Lead Woman Project

Over 40% of young girls aged between 10-16 years in Uganda are given away in marriage before their 18th birthday due to poverty, reducing their chances of getting a full education and hence not exploiting their full potential.

Women Entrepreneurship

PIOTU therefore provides training to women in two key areas of; Personal Development and social Entrepreneurship and then helps them kick start their businesses by providing them with the tools needed to start.

Adult Education Program

This is a learning program for women aged between 25 and 60 years who were affected by early and child marriages and dropped out of school at a young age; many of them stopped their education as early as primary one.

Community Outreaches

Providing basic needs to under privileged children and their families in our community, with a focus on single mothers, young mothers, seniors and under privileged children. These include educational materials, food, clothing and other items we can provide through support from our partners and friends.

Change makers
We are committed to giving children & youth, education as a tool of change. After 3 years, we have achieved many goals.

We love to help all the children that have problems in the world.

Children helped

Schools & Communities